Non-Disclosure Agreement

The ISTO Test of Understanding is confidential and it’s protected by trade secret law. It is made available to candidates, solely for the purpose of assessing the level of understanding in the ISO management systems standards referenced in the title of the test.

All candidates are expressly prohibited from disclosing, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting this test, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the prior express written permission of the International Standardized Testing Organization Ltd.

ISTO pursues legal actions against organizations and individuals who reveal information about the content of ISTO tests. ISTO also takes legal action against those who falsely claim to hold a certification. Penalties include permanently barring individuals from pursuing the credential and revoking the certifications and interim designations of those who have status with ISTO, online posting of their names, in addition to other legal remedies.

Prior to the test, the following will appear in screen prior to the test

I understand that the ISTO has expended a considerable amount of time, effort and expense in the development of the test that I am about to challenge. I further understand that the validity and integrity of the test depends on the questions remaining undisclosed to other potential certification candidates. I hereby agree that I will not disclose any information concerning the content of this ISTO test.

If you do not agree to the non-disclosure agreement, the test will not launch, and your test appointment will end.

Terms and Conditions

You may download a copy of our terms and conditions here.

ISTO Online Tests Test Rules

1. Introduction
This test rules outlines the requirements on candidates in the preparation and conduct of the ISTO online tests. You are required to positively confirm you have read, understood and accept the online test rules before you can start the online test.

2. Identification
Please ensure to carry a government issued, photo bearing identification document to the test venue. The following are acceptable:
- Driving licence with photo
- Valid passport
- Identification card
Please also ensure that the spelling of names is the same as what you have entered in the registration.
Candidates will not be permitted to take the test should they fail to produce the Identification document.

3. Test Environment
You may take the ISTO online test in a test centre hosted by one of our local partners or by your management. If the test is to be taken individually, please observe the following requirements:
a. It shall be a reasonably secure location with no disruptions from colleagues or family members during the test. No other persons shall be able to see the screen of your monitor taking the online test;
b.  Candidates must not take the ISTO online test from a public area like a coffee bar, restaurant or while driving etc.
c. Free from noise and be well lit;
d. Access to power and a stable internet connection.
e. Candidates are not allowed to leave the test during the test session. They may consider to access a nearby lavatory prior to the test.

4. Test Conduct
Before the Test
- Do not carry any unauthorized articles on the person or place them on the desk;
- No spare blank paper is allowed. No electronic items is allowed.
- Do not start the test without permission.
- Do not impersonating another candidate
- Follow the instructions carefully

During the Test
- No questions shall be asked during the test session.
- No eating, smoking and drinking of any beverages during the test, except water.
- In a physical test venue, do not leave the test without permission and do not disturb others;
- Do not communicate or attempt to communicate improperly with other candidates, and do not copy from unauthorized materials or from work of another candidate during a test.
- Do not Seek help or helping others in an test
- Do not use internet to search for correct answers.
- Remain silent at all times
- When you have completed the test, click the SUBMIT button at the last page of the test. Else all your latest response will be considered at your response to the questions.
- The test will end automatically at the prescribed timing. Allow time to review your responses, as needed.

AI invigilation requirements
Your webcam and the mic must be switched on all the way during the test; Do not obscuring your self.
Your face must not be covered during the online test. No face masks, sunglasses, hats, hoodies and headscarf are allowed.
Remain silent at all times while you are in the zoom

5. Respecting ISTO Intellectual Property
Do not photo the screen or any items from the online test screen.
Do not copy, distribute, copy, record or downloading, transmitting a question;

6. Invigilator authority (Physical test centre)
Candidate will be asked to leave the Test Centre and may not be allowed to complete the Test if candidate has committed to any of the following:
- Suspected cheating or malpractice
- Identification does not match candidate name provided on the application
- Disruptive behavior at the test site
- Use of electronic devices during the Test
- Other behaviors or circumstances as determined by the Invigilator

7. ISTO rights
ISTO reserves the right to investigate into any reported malpractice cases and void any test results. No refund will be offered to the candidate.

Malpractices during an ISTO Test

Candidates observed doing any of the following, or engaging in similar, dishonest practices during an ISTO test, will be considered to have engaged in test malpractice and both their application and test administration may be dismissed. Candidates engaged in test malpractice may be disqualified from sitting any future ISTO test.

Such test malpractice includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Disclosing ISTO test questions and/or any ISTO test subject matter.
  • Aiding or abetting anyone in a cheating offence.
  • Speaking or communicating with other candidates about specific ISTO test content or questions before, during, or after the test administration.
  • Improperly obtaining through theft, bribery, collusion, or otherwise any test form prior to the date and time of the test’s administration.
  • Falsifying your identity or impersonating another candidate.
  • Using any books, memoranda, calculators, audio or visual players or electronic devices including electronic watches, organizers, Smartphones, iPads, pagers or other cell phones, or other memory aid devices or communication devices other than those authorized by the ISTO.
  • Looking at another candidate’s responses.
  • Copying another candidate’s responses.
  • Removing or attempting to remove ISTO test material electronically or otherwise from a test centre.
  • Violating the computer-based testing (CBT) test agreement in any way.
  • Falsifying ISTO test scores.