ISO 45001:2018
Occupational health and safety management systems

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1.1. Test of Understanding, Level 2 – Professional

This test is developed for ISO management system standards ("MSS") professionals such as middle and senior management personnel, responsible persons (as defined under clause 5.3), internal auditors, third party certification body auditors and advisors/consultants who are instrumental in the effectiveness of the MSS implementation.

It is a multiple choice test designed with three outcomes:

  • Certification: certifying the candidate on the understanding of the respective standard
  • Analytics: measuring the level of understanding in the eight (8) A C C U R A T E domains
  • Ranking: ranking a candidate's performance against the candidate population

Key features

No pre-requisite requirements
Online multiple-choice test
Test preparation support
Detailed syllabus
Robust test development process by international experts
State-of-the-art data analysis to pinpoint your understanding of an ISO standard
A trusted benchmark test

More than just understanding 

An ISTO Test focuses not only on understanding the requirements of a standard but is also designed to ensure that those who pass the test have demonstrated a knowledge of the underlying management system principles, definitions, applicability, distinguishing requirements from unspecified requirements and the standard's practical implementation.

Key benefits

  • Acquire the ISTO TOU qualification
  • Assess the level of understanding
  • Identify potential weaknesses in the A C C U R A T E domains
  • Know where one stands relative to other candidates
  • Get prepared for next level of career advancement


Employers of ISO 45001 OH&SMS auditors/consultants/tutors would find the ISTO TOU certification a good benchmark in their selection process, as the ISTO TOU adds value to the organizations' performance excellence and consistency. A course tutor with an ISTO TOU credential is able to offer learners a more accurate and comprehensive presentation of the standard.

1.2 Structure of the Test of Understanding - Level 2 – Professional

The ISTO TOU consists of multiple choice questions with four (4) possible options of which only one (1) represents the 'best' option. The ISTO TOU is a closed-book online test, however candidates are allowed to refer to an unmarked copy of the respective ISO standard which is the only permitted reference material during the test. In an online test, the standard copy will be provided in a separate window, in addition to the test window.

  • Time allowed: 180 minutes 
  • No of Questions: 120
  • Pass criteria: 70%
Section No. of questions Focused area
1 30 Principles and definitions, applicability, clause 4.3
2 30 Management system requirements based on clauses 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 (except clause 4.3)
3 30 Operational requirements based on clauses 7 and 8
4 30 Six (6) scenarios with five (5) questions each focusing on the practical aspects of the requirements of the standard

Candidates who meet the Pass criteria at 70% will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. All candidates will receive the A C C U R A T E analytics report indicating their level of understanding and relative ranking in each of the eight (8) domains in the star diagram. 

1.3 A C C U R A T E Analysis 

Based on ISTO's research, endorsed by the ISTO Technical Advisory Board, the level of comprehension of an ISO management system standard can be grouped into eight (8) domains of understanding. These form the acronym A C C U R A T E.

Ac: an Actual requirement in the standard related to documentation.
Co: Concept - the management principles on which the management system standard is based. This includes the sequence of activities as required in the standard.
C: the unique Clause reference of a specific requirement in the ISO management system standard
U: an Unspecified requirement in the standard (a requirement that does not exist).
R: a certain Requirement in the Standard (i.e. the text of the requirement).
A: the Applicability of the standard. This includes the intent of a requirement, and the scope of the standard.
T: Terms and definitions used in the standard. Generally these are defined in Clause 3 of each ISO management system standard. In the case of ISO 9001 QMS, terms and definitions are defined in the ISO 9000 standard.
E: an Erroneous requirement in the standard related to documentation.

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