Registration Process

All the information required from the candidate to sign up for the ISTO test.

The steps of the process to register to take an ISTO Test of Understanding are as follows:

  • Register to take the appropriate test at the level desired through the ISTO portal. Candidates will need to create an account and provide the following details:
    • Personal details 
    • Test type and date 
    • Government-issued photo-bearing identification document (passport, identify card, driving license etc)
    • Credit card for payment 
  • A link provided in the confirmation email. Candidates must take the Test within three to sixth months of purchase or forfeit all fees.
  • Take the Test(s) at the confirmed location and date/time.
  • Testing results are generally provided within one week upon completion of the Test.

Candidates are required to accept the following during the test registration process. Candidate can have a preview of the text using the following links:

Certify your staff

Should your company be interested in certifying your staff, we offer in-house testing services to organizations and assessment bodies. 

Please send an email to our sales team at 


Taking the Test

All ISTO tests are conducted online with our Authorized Test Centre Partners or Strategic Partners

  • Strategic Partners can organize ISTO tests at their offices. 

Scheduling the test

Login onto to schedule the Test.

Rescheduling the test 

A candidate can reschedule a test to a maximum of two times. You can reschedule a Test up to one week prior to the Test start time. After that time, candidates must take their Test or forfeit all fees.

The Test must be taken within 6 months after the original registration date.

A candidate can login their own account to reschedule at their convenience.

Missing a test 

They can register to retake the Test at their discretion.

Re-taking a test

Candidates will be given their test results at the centre within one week after submitting their test(s). Candidates that are not successful may consider retaking the Test. Candidates will be offered a 30% discount if they retake the same Test. Candidates can simply login their account to register.