The following sample examination paper is intended to demonstrate the type of question a candidate may expect to find on a typical paper, but it should be emphasized that it is not a complete set of questions.

Reference may be made to a clean (unmarked) copy of ISO 9000:2015, ISO 9001:2015 during the examination. Copies of these standards are to be provided by the candidate, and random checks will be made upon candidates entering and leaving the examination room.

NOTE: Where the term "An organization must..." is used in the examination, this means an organization that wishes to claim conformity with ISO 9001:2015..


Section 1

This section comprises 30 multiple-choice questions. Five typical questions are included in this sample examination paper. Choose the best answer for each question. In some cases, all of the options given are correct; in which case the only answer for which points will be awarded is "all of the above".

1.1 "The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics of an object fulfils requirements" is known as:
  1. Conformity
  2. Quality
  3. Grade
  4. Capability
  5. None of the above

1.2In accordance with ISO 9001:2015, which of the following requires documented information to be retained by the organization?
  1. Evidence of competence
  2. Internal audit results
  3. Management review results
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

1.3ISO 9001:2015 requires that the quality policy:
  1. Must be reviewed for continuing suitability
  2. Must be communicated and understood within the organization
  3. Must provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

1.4Which of the following is not one of the seven Quality Management Principles?
  1. System Approach to Management
  2. Engagement of people
  3. Leadership
  4. Customer focus
  5. None of the above

1.5According to ISO 9001:2015, organizational knowledge shall be
  1. Documented and such documented information shall be maintained
  2. Available to everybody
  3. Determined to achieve conformity in products and services
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

Disclaimer: The International Standardized Testing Organization (ISTO) is a commercially - run organization. It fully supports and embraces the international standards published by standards bodies. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a world-wide federation of National standards bodies based in Geneva, Switzerland. Being independent and impartial, ISTO has no formal links with any standard bodies.