Useful Tips
Manage your time
  • The TEST, which is three hours in length, allows around 90 seconds for each multiple-choice question, plus 45 minutes for the essay question. It is therefore advisable for candidates to pace themselves in order to complete the entire exam.
  • Candidates are urged to record their answers directly onto the answer sheets. No additional time will be allowed after the TEST time has elapsed to transfer or record answers onto the answer sheet.
Conduct yourself properly
  • To protect the security and confidentiality of the TEST, and to maintain the validity of the grades, you will be asked to sign the answer sheets.
  • ISTO reserves the right to disqualify any candidate who is discovered engaging in any kind of misconduct, such as giving or receiving help, using notes, papers or other aids, attempting to take the TEST for someone else, or removing test materials or notes from the TESTs room, or taking photographs of the test paper questions. ISTO and our local partner reserves the right to report to the relevant authority for such misconduct and the implicated student may be charged.
Disclaimer: The International Standardized Testing Organization (ISTO) is a commercially - run organization. It fully supports and embraces the international standards published by standards bodies. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a world-wide federation of National standards bodies based in Geneva, Switzerland. Being independent and impartial, ISTO has no formal links with any standard bodies.