TEST Rules
Centre's Rules
  • Candidates will not be admitted to the TEST centre after the reading of the oral instructions has begun.
  • Candidates should bring several sharpened No. 2 or HB (soft lead) pencils, and a good, clean eraser. Pencils and erasers will not be available at the TEST centre.
  • Candidates may only bring into the TEST centre such reference materials as are specified on the TEST syllabus.
  • Any reference materials brought into the TEST centre must be free from any additional notes or comments. This will be verified by the examiner prior to, during, and after the TEST.
  • Candidates are not allowed to bring to the TEST centre, or use a calculator, any form of computer, communication devices such as pagers or mobile telephones.
  • Scratch paper for rough working is not permitted. Candidates may use the margin of the TEST paper, as necessary.
  • Visitors are not permitted.
  • Candidates may be excused to leave the room by the Chief Examiner during the TEST.
  • Candidates may not take away any materials, or written notes after the TEST. Noting of questions is strictly prohibited, and will result in dismissal.
Chief Examiner Authority

The Chief Examiner may dismiss a candidate for any of the following reasons:

  • Unauthorized admission to the TEST centre.
  • Candidate identification is inadequate.
  • Candidate creates a disturbance.
  • Candidate tries to copy another candidate's answers.
  • Candidate gives or receives help.
  • Candidate attempts to remove TEST materials or notes from the TEST centre.
  • Candidate brings to the TEST centre or consults reference materials that are not permitted for that TEST.
Completing the answer sheet
  • Each TEST has two separate answer sheets - one for answers to the multiple-choice questions, and a separate part for essay questions (where applicable). Candidates are responsible for ensuring that they fill in their name on each sheet.
  • An example of the multiple choice answer sheet is given in the sample TEST paper in order to familiarize candidates with its format.
  • Before a candidate begins the TEST, the Chief Examiner will read aloud the instructions for completing the answer sheets.
  • Candidates are recommended to read all instructions carefully and understand them before attempting to answer any questions.
  • For the multiple-choice questions, candidates are to mark the answers in the appropriate circle on the answer sheet. Care should be taken not to mark more than one answer for each question, or to mark the answer for the wrong question. If an answer needs to be changed, candidates are recommended to erase the wrong answer completely with a clean eraser before writing in the new answer.
  • Answer all questions. There are no penalties for wrong answers. Marks are assigned solely on the number of questions answered correctly, so do not leave any questions blank.
Disclaimer: The International Standardized Testing Organization (ISTO) is a commercially - run organization. It fully supports and embraces the international standards published by standards bodies. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a world-wide federation of National standards bodies based in Geneva, Switzerland. Being independent and impartial, ISTO has no formal links with any standard bodies.