Test Centre Admission

Admission will begin 30 minutes before the time indicated on your confirmation. Be prompt! All candidates must have registered their presence at the TEST centre when the Chief Examiner begins reading the oral instructions. No candidate will be admitted to the TEST centre once the Chief Examiner begins reading the oral instructions.

Remember to bring your Confirmation/Admission Slip. Only those candidates with a valid confirmation code and an acceptable form of identification will be admitted to the TEST. Examples of acceptable forms of identification include those with a photo (such as passport or some driver's licences), or other identification with a signature.

Disclaimer: The International Standardized Testing Organization (ISTO) is a commercially - run organization. It fully supports and embraces the international standards published by standards bodies. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a world-wide federation of National standards bodies based in Geneva, Switzerland. Being independent and impartial, ISTO has no formal links with any standard bodies.