Here's what some people have to say about ISTO...

" Very valuable for consultants in supporting and demonstrating their understanding of the important aspects of the changes."
D. Underwood
Alan A Griffin & Associates - UK
" The ISTO Test of Understanding is a significant first step towards identifying people who can help managers apply ISO 9000 in ways which create powerful management systems..."
Jim Wade
The Business Improvement Network - UK
" I found the ISTO TEST to be an excellent diagnostic tool to measure my level of understanding of the standards."
Jose Rico Alonso
CONOCER; National Council for the Standardization and Certification of Competence of the Workforce; Mexico
" ISTO was a great opportunity to apply continual improvement on a personal level."
Salvador C Andrade
IMP; Mexican Petroleum Institute - Mexico
" Taking the ISTO Test of Understanding was a wonderful exercise, requiring the analysis and interpretation of the standards in a natural and professional way. The cases presented varied from everyday routine situations right up to very technical questions, which makes the exam as globally applicable as the standards themselves. I loved taking the exam!"
Alicia Robles Gomez
ISO 9000 and Standardization Manager; TELMEX Telefonos de Mexico
" ISTO was a very good test to evaluate my understanding of ISO9000. While working as a consultant and a registrar auditor, I have seen many misunderstandings about ISO9000 by quality staff, consultants, and even registrar auditors... Understanding the standards is a most important factor, and ISTO is making a success by deploying that purpose in its TESTs."
Nobuharu Hiyoshi
Independent Consultant / Sub-contracted Auditor; Tokyo
" ...Having successfully passed the exam, I was able to confirm for my own benefit and that of my clients, that I was on the right track with my understanding of the changes to the ISO 9000 standard."
Betty Close
Quality System Specialists, Fremont, NE, USA
" I found the test to be challenging. Thinking through some of the questions helped me clarify my understanding of the requirements and how they might be applied in ways that I had not thought about before."
Jean M. Fryer
Quality Systems Manager, Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton, OR, USA
" It was rigorous and required that we exercise judgement... which is what an auditor is required to do. I liked the case studies that were used because they were realistic examples of what is encountered. The structure of the responses for the questions in Sections 2 and 3 really tested my reasoning abilities! It is a good test."
Muriel Sasaki
Long Beach, CA, USA
" Even though I failed the exam, it was a stimulating experience for me... I know now where to concentrate my training."
Disclaimer: The International Standardized Testing Organization (ISTO) is a commercially - run organization. It fully supports and embraces the international standards published by standards bodies. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a world-wide federation of National standards bodies based in Geneva, Switzerland. Being independent and impartial, ISTO has no formal links with any standard bodies.